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The Hammer DEX provides an extensible, multi-user environment, with a wide variety of easily customizable emulation templates.
Our new routing protocol test suites provide our customers with the industry's most comprehensive set of tools for sophisticated performance, protocol emulation and analysis," said Tony De La Rosa, routing protocol product manager for Ixia.
1, offers support for features such as packet analysis, Internet link recording, and simplified emulation diagram creation.
These solutions include Peerless' family of PCL emulations, PeerlessPrint(R)5E, PeerlessPrint(R)5C, PeerlessPrint(R)6, PeerlessPrint(R) host software drivers, WinEXPRESS(R), an optimized Windows printing language, PeerlessPage(TM) Imaging Environment, Memory Reduction Technology(R) (MRT), and the QuickPrint(R) family of coprocessors.
The company holds the rights to a number of proprietary terminal emulations, including the TV910 and TV925, which have been industry standards for more than 15 years and are currently used in millions of terminals worldwide.
The PeerlessPage architecture also enabled us to very efficiently and effectively address the many language emulations required by a wide variety of market applications.
Tektronix has licensed and ported Peerless' PeerlessPrint(tm) 5C, the emulation of HP's popular PCL5c printing language, to allow their new printers compatibility in networked environments for both monochrome and color printing.
OutsideView32 allows multiple emulations, a multiple document interface, customizable session shortcut bars, a floating toolbar, a direct MAPI email interface, drag and drop key mapping, dynamic font sizing, Euro Symbol support, Y2K compliance and industry standard Visual CommBasic macro language capability.
The TN3270 emulation supports local printing, and both the TN3270 and TN5250 emulations are capable of running multi-sessions.
The IBM TN3270 and TN5250 emulations extend the functionality of DynaComm to IBM host environments.
The company plans other emulations including VT 220, WYSE 50, HP 700/92, and IBM 3270, 3151 and 5250.