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This paper surveys the significance of recent work on emulative neural networks (ENNs) by researchers across many disciplines in the light of issues of indeterminacy.
Apart from emulative envy, the only aspect of envy that does not seem to me pejorative is a form of envy I have myself felt, as I suspect have others who are reading this article: the envy that I think of as faith envy.
A doctrinal rewrite should include functionally emulative increments and modular elements.
The Cagastrum's first reverse transmutation turns the Archeus' work of emulative imitation into deception.
Reports, threats, figurative evocations, and emulative enactments of police violence are all now actively t aken up by Korowai in their own projects of making a social world.
He can now become emulative, freed from blind, rote imitation.
Here Bardot and supporters took an emulative back seat to American guerillas in PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which by 1994 zeroed in on the French.
Responses could be symmetric, emulative or asymmetric (i.
My attempt to estimate a bandwagon effect involves a product that could plausibly generate such an effect: the personalized or "vanity" license plate, a commodity whose very name suggests the sort of status conscious or emulative tendencies supposed to lie behind the bandwagon effect.
Is it a fair assessment to say that you have expanded on Veblen's ideas of business exploiting people's emulative and acquisitive instincts in creating demands for things?
com is laying the foundation to becoming the overall leading career site in all of Europe, an emulative global brand, and the premier destination for international job seekers.