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The emergent organizational forms were the product of two processes: the dynamics stemming from the normative and emulative mechanisms propelled by the DEA, and the strong presence of the military sector in the coercive apparatuses of the Latin American states.
Bolstered by early modern definitions of classical emulative theory, his arguments look at the application of rhetorical emulation on the stage.
Admittedly, there is a difference, at least on an interactive level, between representations of death appropriated from the imaginative worlds of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century folk culture and simulations of death-as-a-game in today's virtual and emulative mediums.
These places of cultural consumption are not only places for leisure "time, money and energy but also for the super-cultural effects adopted by consumers--the songs they sing together for certain functions, the clothes they wear, styles of behavior, emulative postures (e.g., movie stars), dances, and even speech patterns ...
(4-5) Sympathy is defined by Smith as an emulative passion, prompted by the imagination of the bystander when he or she witnesses another's feeling
there the 'lairds of the North' were assembled in legislative conclave--there, in a small, snug apartment, boasting of-- 'The white-washed wall, the nicely-sanded floor; The varnished clock that click'd behind the door', the statesmen of the Hunter 'talked with looks profound'--there the rival talents of the houses of Tocal and of Glendon were marshalled in emulative excellence ...
Loy's speaker then wonders if this act of compenetration is merely a projection of the ego, nothing but a "shallow sound of dissonance / and boom of escaping breath"--a description keenly physical and emulative of laughter.
The realistic approach and sincerity with which the Japanese Government and entrepreneurs alike pursued the course of development is highly emulative. In contrast, more attention is paid to power struggle in Africa.
Since these few men could not attend dozens of local fairs, farmers had to go to the county fair for their instruction and emulative example.
In his post-biblical existence, Rudolf is inscribed into a logic of pre-figuration and fulfillment that, in turn, prescribes an emulative attitude on his (and therefore our) part' (sic.
Ozawa examines interactive/emulative growth between the US (the lead goose) and the region's catching-up economies--and among the latter themselves--exploring how emulative learning has spread from Japan to other Asian economies.
When she was inculcating true values in the children of her second family, her children back home must have grown up without all those emulative qualities of their mother.