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The form of that race looks quite strong with the runner-up One Spirit having won a Listed race since and Emulous can be expected to have improved from that run.
The response was almost immediate and Emulous picked up with the minimum of fuss to record a one-and-three-quarter-length verdict in style.
Herself engrossed in emulous rivalry, Lady Macbeth, as wife and helpmate, uses her considerable rhetorical power to aid Macbeth towards the crown, the "be-all and end-all" (1.
All the argument" of the Trojan War is, in Thersites' words, "is a whore and a cuckold, a good quarrel to draw emulous factions and bleed to death upon" (5) and the great warriors "all incontinent varlets" (5.
The prophet Isaiah records Satan's emulous intentions: "I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.
As an emulous seventeen year-old, I embraced Leonard's eclecticism with open strides.
I speak from experience, and well know how much the accounts I had read of Aristedes, Epaminondas, Regulus, Cato and innumerable other great characters among the ancients inflamed my imagination, and gave me a rooted love of virtue; so that even the vulgarly supposed dry precepts of Seneca and Epicitus were perused by me with delight; and with an emulous determination to put them in practice.
The Danish gallery is flanked on both sides by the souvenirs of Carl Jacobsen's last passion, Antiquities, in the emulous quest of which he almost exhausted his private fortune.
You breathed it all in / With jealous, emulous sniffings.
This was part of a drive for resources and energy-sources in an increasingly populous and emulous world.
But Cathy listens to the reproof of her housekeeper ("he is not envious but emulous of your attainments," Nelly Dean tells Cathy), and resolves to win back his trust, despite fearing that her beloved books will be "debased and profaned in his mouth" (WH 298).
Moreover, Camd en had to have known that the conspicuous display of illustrious names, including many of those of his contemporaries, in the 1594 Britannia would invite comparison with works by members of the College of Arms -- Segar, for instance, and Glover, whose records and papers were still in manuscript -- to say nothing of the scrutiny this would invite from the emulous among the gentry and nobility.