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Results suggest that the chain length of the lactose fatty acid esters significantly influenced the oil-in-water emulsification properties.
The objective of the study were the (a) isolation of potential biosurfactant producing bacteria based on their capability of reduction in surface tension and emulsification index and (2) determination of growth of selected isolate on phenanthrene amended media as possible indicator for bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated sites.
Increasing the extensional viscosity of silicone reduces the tendency for emulsification.
this is an edited, technical collection of articles on emulsification in food engineering.
According to test results it is found that two-steps emulsification using mentioned devices increases dispersion of the emulsion no more than on 5 .
In conventional longitudinal phacoemulsification, emulsification occurs by the forward and backward movement of the tip.
For spontaneous emulsification, the surfactants are required to be selected with attention to attain ultralow interfacial tension [32].
The main characteristics of emulsification processes including membrane emulsification process and its principles, influence of process parameters, industrial applications as well as an outlook to further improvement of the processes are discussed.
Characteristics of subjects recruited Phaco- emulsification surgery N (%) Gender Male 39 (39) Female 61 (61) Mean age, years ([+ or -] SD) 66.
Besides ultrasound wave can be used in other aspects such as oil extraction, emulsification and so on [7-10].
Sample applications include dilution, water treatment, pipeline reactions, emulsification, homogenizing process streams prior to sampling points, pH control, heat transfer and even blending of free-flowing solids.