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Once the maxima are reached, there is a gradual decrease in the viscosity of the emulsion, which could be taken as a gradual return to the initial volumes of the dispersed and continuous phases, because the breaking of the droplets becomes more important than their growth.
Some attempts have been made to make emulsion stable using different ingredients [10-15].
Currently, from studies conducted by NIOSH it is known that any form of blend or heavy ANFO will produce greater amounts of fumes than straight emulsion or straight ANFO, it is believed this may stem from detonation parameters.
Emulgel could provide benefits of both emulsion and gel.
It appears that measuring electrical conductivity could be potentially used to predict the particle size and stability of emulsions.
Many customers have applications in which the emulsion needs to be pumped a number of times before it is fed into blastholes.
For the production of energy condensed packaged emulsion systems it is necessary to solve the problem of producing highly viscous emulsion with minimal size of particles of the dispersed phase.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2015-Western Emulsions Acquires Manufacturing Plant in Oregon, USA
The most rapid gains through 2016 will be for emulsion polymers in paint and coatings, where water-based formulations are steadily increasing their share of the market.
A vacuum-sealed bowl on the 'V' versions eliminates air inclusions in the emulsion, making for denser and more attractive products.