en bloc

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En bloc resection of diaphragm with lung for recurrent ovarian cancer: a case report.
It is not clear in this study whether all of these tumours were resected en bloc, hence removing interpositioning tumour, or whether multiple lumpectomies were done with the risk of leaving disease in between the various tumour foci.
Ports of loading under these contracts could vary among several ports, but on an assumption that the coal is to be imported exclusively from Australia and Indonesia, the total transport volume for the two companies under the en bloc deal could reach around 12 million tonnes per annum by 2015, when all the vessels enter the service.
En bloc resection of our patient's tumor would have required tracheal resection and esophagectomy, and it would have resulted in significant morbidity and poor quality of life.
The hospital stay was also shorter: 12 days after vagal-sparing esophagectomy, compared with 22 days after en bloc resection and 17 days after THE.
According to senior FA sources, Beckham and company took the decision to impose a media ban en bloc in the tunnel on the way back to the dressing room after the triumph in Katowice.
This is generally overlooked because when people hear the phrase "the Ten Commandments" they tend to conceive of them en bloc and rather abstractly as a set of basic moral principles that any right-thinking person would naturally endorse.
According to Reuters, this will be the first time that the EU has negotiated an aviation deal en bloc, rather than as individual states.
This squad should have been sacked en bloc on the spot.
bases must be tackled in an en bloc fashion by all the people as an important national security issue.
If that is the case, the owners will en bloc discuss their position at the end of next week.