en bloc

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A second open surgery is not necessary for those low-grade malignant en bloc removed tumors.
En bloc resection and an anterior cervical fixation were performed.
Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) has been gaining wide-spread acceptance as a treatment for gastric neoplasms, including early gastric cancer, GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor), and so on , because of its high rate of en bloc resection.
He reviewed his institution's experience with treating 29 cases of NAMis with en bloc excision: removal of nail folds, matrix, bed, hyponychium, and margins.
To obtain a most secure solution regarding a patient originally from Guiney where there is no medical assistance, we chose to perform an extensive extra-articular en bloc resection (until the supracondylar fracture site) and reconstruct the lower limb as a knee fusion, with a tibia structural allograft.
described en bloc resection of penis and prepuce and superficial inguinal lymph nodes with penile retroversion in 4 horses affected by SCC with 100% survival rate in 1year follow-up without recurrences [4].
Wide resection or en bloc resection of the tumor is favored.
Colne Valley Conservative said: "In the past weeK, Labour councillors voted en bloc in KirKlees to approve an Aldi SUPERMARKET in Slaithwaite, despite local concerns and a last-minute plea from 39 local businesses.
Possible scenarios include restructuring, assets sale, en bloc sale and even a merger, the representative confirmed.
Warwickshire have drafted in their under-25s side en bloc to give them a run out before their national White Rose double rink semi-quarterfinal clash with their Berkshire counterparts at Worthing on August 16 Team: Adam Smith(Avenue Leamington), Dave Green (FISC), Craig Carter (Rugby) and Andrew Manning (Nuneaton), Liam Pearcey (Rugby), Dan Ward (Whitnash), Andy Strain (Avenue Leamington) and Chris Chapman (Rugby), Matt Wells (Rugby), Steve Merrett (Three Spires), Pete Hobbs and Stuart Thomas (both Rugby), Phil Green (Norgren), Steve Taylor (Avenue Coventry), Alan Apsey (Rugby) and Colin Jacox (Avenue Coventry), Luke Horne (Avenue Leamington), Kevin Tandy (Southam), Chris Barton (Kings Heath) and Andy Smith(Avenue Leamington), Martin Hammond, Pete Harwood (both Three Spires).
We present a case of a quinary debulking consisting of an en bloc resection of an ovarian cancer implant extending from the hepatic dome to the pulmonary parenchyma through the full thickness of the diaphragm.
The Wildcats directors issued a statement revealing they are prepared to step down en bloc as the club seek to consolidate their place in the top flight.