en masse

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He said that there were en masse online applications for deletion or removal of names from electoral rolls, and the election commission found mala fide intentions behind such applications.
Last week, Imran said an intra-party debate was going on over whether to exercise the option of tendering en masse resignations from the Parliament, but said that a decision in this regard was yet to be made.
A senior PTI leader wishing anonymity said that it was unlikely that CEC having more than 300 members would take the decision of quitting the assemblies en masse. 'Such decisions are taken in a much closed door meetings and among selected leaders,' he said, adding, that majority of the party at the moment was against the resignations from the parliament.
Extending this notion of all-inclusiveness to the making of "En Masse," O'Callaghan frames painting in terms of dance and ritual.
The post EU-Turkey deal could see Kurds moving to Germany en masse -- German conservative appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
BEIRUT: The outgoing board of Sidon's Governmental Hospital handed over its responsibilities Friday, after resigning en masse earlier this month.
David Cameron should condemn Tory donor Lord Wolfson, the chief executive of Next, for recruiting staff "en masse" in Poland and return the PS400,000 received from him, a Welsh Labour MP has said.
Cette hausse est due a l'extension de la superficie reservee a l'oleiculture dont 405 ha pour la culture en masse et 85 ha pour les oliviers isoles, a-t-on souligne.
IT WAS the celebrity wedding of the year with Hollywood decamping en masse to Venice to witness its most eligible bachelor George Clooney marry his British fiancee, Amal Alamuddin.
Dervishes jailed en masse: An estimated 800 protesting Gonabadi dervishes were stuffed into buses Sunday and taken to detention overnight in an effort to stop a round of protests.
Summary: Vian Dakhil warns displaced Iraqis who have been stranded in jihadist-hemmed mountain for one week will die en masse if not rescued urgently.
During session, lawmakers could hit the floor with 50 reps en masse after the morning gavel.