en route

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"En route" according to the definition is a portion of the flight path between a 40 nm radius around the departure airport and a 100 nm radius around the arrival airport.
MART-IN POLE POSITION: Kaymer en route to 70 yesterday
EN ROUTE Girl Guiding Newcastle at Tanfield Railway for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and Sarah McDonald and Mark Pearce on the 1891 Twizell engine
En Route Media, the leading provider of engagement in India's OOH space, has introduced a network of digital screens.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has collaborated with En Route Media.
The intratheater patient movement and en route care during medical evacuation occurs at the battlefront (tactical), between echelons of care (level II and level III) within the theater (operational), and during intertheater transfers (strategic).
In addition to providing aviation weather products developed at its own facilities, NWS also provides on-site staff at each of FAA's en route centers--the facilities that control high-altitude flight outside the airport tower and terminal areas.
Chris Carter, David Taylor and Daniel Saville were among more than 40 people on board the Pamir Airways flight en route from the northern city of Kunduz to Kabul when it came down near the 12,700ft Salang Pass.
There are plenty of fixes in the en route structure (fixes you'd find on an en route chart) within that radius, so you could fly your GPS and connect the dots.
The paper provides comparison between minimum fuel consumptions cost and minimum flight time cost as a result of transport aircraft climb phase, a part of en route flight.