en route

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Since the beginning of the ongoing combat operations in early 2003, Army nurses have functioned in their role as en route care providers, transporting patients from level II and level III facilities on MEDEVAC helicopters throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.
Results which are acquired by software are en route flight profile with special climb flight profile presentation, diagram of change of CAS speed with altitude and tabular presentation of the result for the whole flight profile for the variation of climb technique.
3-star), staying in a twin-bedded room with private facilities; Two nights bed and continental breakfast accommodation en route staying in a twin-bedded room
Now in terms of en route care at the moment we have Landstuhl--it is that intermediate stop which is at about the seventh- or eighth-hour point, which in terms of battle damage surgery sequence is about right.
Wendel is currently en route to serve as commander, 20th Support Command (Chemical, Biological Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosive), Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
Observed flying in the plane en route, the bat was captured later while sleeping in a crew member's bed in the aircraft.
While en route to the Middle East later in the year, the Carl Vinson (CVN 70) battle group received underway briefs covering the Arabian Gulf area, the threat to the U.
The passengers were en route to Mexico City from Montreal, Canada, when their plane was diverted to Indianapolis.
A protester dressed as a genetically altered "Killer Tomato" marched through downtown San Diego en route to the conference.
While en route to his duty station in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, U.
Merchandise is taken from seaports and airports; unattended trucks disappear; and moving trucks are hijacked en route.
Commuter highway locations have now become a focus for the well-known coffee experts, and they have used the drive-through retail concept to serve morning commuters en route to work.