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KDDI Value Enabler president Hiroshi Hishioka said, We are placing more focus on supporting partner businesses.
To learn more about how Enterprise Enabler can make data agile and virtually federated in an integrated environment in ways previously unimaginable click here.
Novatel said that the Enabler HS 3001 is a dual band (800/1900 MHz) CDMA2000 1X module that is supported by the rich on-board N4A Communication and Management Software agent to provide speedy market introduction of M2M deployments on the US wide Sprint CDMA network.
Stone Bond's core product Enterprise Enabler automates complex bi-directional aggregation, transformation and manipulation of entities among multiple line-of-business applications.
Human skills management (HSM), the enabler with the next highest driving power deals with integrating decisions about people with decisions about the goals, that an organisation is targeting to achieve.
The Team Enabler organization allows units to not just conduct SOIs with leaders, but to devote the time necessary to building and improving government structure and efficiency.
Ensuring that the full problem is understood--including materiel, standards, and policy implications--by a multi-discipline team of neutral subject matter experts involved is also a key enabler.
We applied the model to 85 European organizations, using the results of a questionnaire-based survey to assign each respondent a score comprised of up to 500 points in each of the two categories - Enablers and Results - for a maximum total score of 1000.
Commenting on this Braham Shnider, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Channel Enablers said, “Channel Success Essentials establishes the common language, process and understanding essential for partnering success and a public workshop format will allow participants to gauge ideas and solutions from both an industry and demographic standpoint.
SNMP Enabler for Windows allows users to: remotely install, enable and configure SNMP on any Windows server or workstation on a network; simultaneously enable SNMP on multiple machines; and save time when deploying applications requiring SNMP.
The smart enabler value chain could turn into a battleground