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FSA also enables companies to tailor the performance of each storage platform to meet their needs.
Shasta 5000 BSN was the first platform to provide network-based, value-added IP services such as personal firewalls and virtual private networks, and to enable service providers to offer revenue-generating services at low cost," said Oscar Rodriguez, president, Intelligent Internet, Nortel Networks.
This enables compact, low cost Gigabit Ethernet to SONET muxing as required in Metro DWDM terminals.
Retain More Backups Online -- With up to a 25:1 de-duplication ratio for a typical mix of business application data such as files and email, the S2100-DS2 enables users to keep more data online than any competing solution; compression can be enabled for a multiplicative affect resulting up to 50:1 ratios;
Contactless payments are only one of the many data-transfer applications that NFC technology enables, making it an attractive technology for carriers looking to increase handset utility for consumers.
com, a Web site that enables individuals to easily share documents online, today released a package of new features that enable corporate bloggers to use Approver.
The Ellacoya system enables us to deliver new mobile broadband services using a quota-based model that is both proven and familiar to our customers," Mr.
Instead the table moves continuously as it does during a CT scan, while Tim enables the signal to be acquired simultaneously.
Ember enables communication among embedded microcontrollers with standards-based wireless mesh networking semiconductors and software.
the leading provider of Wi-Fi[R] engineering test equipment, today announced a solution that enables vendors to perform certification testing according to the new Wi-Fi Alliance Test Engine architecture.
In contrast, Smart Mobile enables organizations to optimize traffic by centralizing or distributing data forwarding based on the requirements of the underlying application.
The system enables existing software to be packaged into completely self-contained, portable applications that can be easily deployed and scaled to dozens of servers on demand on any AppLogic grid, anywhere in the world.