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A modular design provides the ideal solution, enabling companies to start small and add capacity as it is required--quickly and inexpensively.
SEPATON is enabling companies of any size to comply with demanding data storage and retrieval requirements by changing the rules of data protection.
For applications that require low latency such as voice over WLAN, Smart Mobile distributes switching functionality to the access points throughout the network, enabling them to communicate directly in a peer-to-peer fashion without requiring round trips to the central controller.
Enabling a true utility services model, the AppLogic operating system meters the memory resources used by running applications, with pricing starting at $0.
Our mission is to deliver a transportation environment that enables companies who may not have - nor wish to encumber themselves with - the financial or human resources, to improve carrier performance, order visibility and 'fact-based' reporting, enabling them to realize cost savings and improved customer service," said Ted Sherman, president of X1 Logistics, LLC.
This report, 'Grid Computing - Enabling Applications for Grid Deployment' is the eleventh report in the 451 Grid Adoption Research Service (GARS) - an investigation into user experiences and vendor strategies.
The sheer quantity and variety of digital multimedia devices is exploding, and wireless has emerged as a catalyst for enabling these devices to access a rich array of Web-based content and services," said Dave Fraser, chief executive officer at Devicescape.