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Second, the four enabling acts condition project approvals on
Although most state conservation easement enabling acts define
The commercial and civil jurisdiction of SAT involves a wide range of enabling Acts that previously fell within the jurisdiction of the magistrate and district courts and other tribunals.
Enabling Act, and those enabling acts that followed, actually created a
The second type, which I will call enabling acts, serve to facilitate this conveyance.
In Colorado's 1875 Enabling Act, Congress rejected the idea of directly granting land to townships for school sites, and instead insisted that: the trust land be vested in the state as a trustee; the state establish a permanent fund; and that the fund be managed for profit.
Although the criminal and civil rules enabling acts were not merged until 1988, see Judicial Improvements and Access to Justice Act, Pub.
The state zoning enabling acts specifically provide express authority to municipalities to adopt zoning regulations for regulating land development.
Perhaps agency enabling acts also resemble a constitution.
In its supporting arguments, the Washington Supreme Court stated, "In Washington, local governments are free to preserve, limit, or terminate nonconforming uses subject only to the broad limits of applicable enabling acts and the constitution.
Furthermore, and most important for our purposes, state efforts to move into the internal political and economic affairs of tribal nations within their borders appears to violate the Indian disclaimer clauses that 11 Western states (Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3) were required by the federal government to include in their territorial acts, enabling acts, and constitutions.
State statutes such as the Mello Act in California, which stimulated local legislation by liberalizing rules, and comprehensive redrafting of the state zoning enabling acts, which provide the legal authority for local zoning restrictions.

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