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To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree.

Enact, sometimes used synonymously with adopt, is generally applied to legislative rather than executive action.


verb adopt a measure, appoint by act, codify, command, declare, decree, dictate, enjoin, establish, essablish by law, give legislative sanction, institute by law, issue a command, legislate, make into a statute, make laws, ordain by law, order, pass, perferre, prescribe, put in force, put into effect
Associated concepts: enacting clause
Foreign phrases: Non obligat lex nisi promulgata.A law is not obligatory unless it is promulgated. Ejus est interpreeari cujus est condere. It is for him who enacts anything to give it interpretation.
See also: accomplish, adhere to, approve, command, compel, conduct, constitute, direct, effectuate, enforce, establish, execute, govern, impersonate, implement, impose, instruct, legislate, make, pass, perform, pursue, recite, require, rule

TO ENACT. To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree. The usual formula in making laws is, Be it enacted.

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It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a press conference on Tuesday that Parliament has no right to initiate laws, it only enact them when proposed by the Council of Ministers or the Presidency.
This interruption is due to the limits that are placed on the father's ability to enact roles meaningful to his identity as a father.
Under the new federal law, states can't enact provisions inconsistent with S.
Hence it is critical that PISGA have independent legislative authority and powers to enact laws.
Indeed, even if the requirement of a supermajority to enact higher tax rates had not been scrapped, effective tax rates could still ratchet up, year after year.
Denying the vote to an ever-widening set of recipients would probably make such a reform even more difficult to enact.
Using EnAct, Central Bancshares will now have an integrated, adaptable sales management solution that helps bring structure and focus to sales activities as well as increased transparency to sales results.
Ryan Hamilton, also Founder and Managing Partner at EFS added, "Teaming up with enACT, allows us all to provide more value for a larger client base, more quickly.
ITEM: Joan Claybrook, president of the activist group Public Citizen, issued a statement on September 1 reading in part: "In the wake of skyrocketing gasoline and oil prices after Hurricane Katrina--both as a result of speculation on Wall Street and product shortages--President Bush and Congress should enact temporary, adjustable price controls to ensure that gasoline and home heating oil prices charged to consumers will be directly tied to costs, not speculation or price-gouging.
Senate and House of Representatives following the Oakland fires to enact changes to the income tax law and then garner clarification of what that law meant.
The provisions of IIRIRA, the 1996 federal statute, do not preclude states' abilities to enact residency statutes for the undocumented.