enact laws

See: legislate
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Now it is the proper business of the public assembly to determine concerning war and peace, making or breaking off alliances, to enact laws, to sentence to death, banishment, or confiscation of goods, and to call the magistrates to account for their behaviour when in office.
It would be as absurd to doubt, that a right to pass all laws NECESSARY AND PROPER to execute its declared powers, would include that of requiring the assistance of the citizens to the officers who may be intrusted with the execution of those laws, as it would be to believe, that a right to enact laws necessary and proper for the imposition and collection of taxes would involve that of varying the rules of descent and of the alienation of landed property, or of abolishing the trial by jury in cases relating to it.
Law involves submission to regulations; man is naturally opposed to rules and regulations of all kinds, especially if they interfere with his interests; so is it likely that the masses will enact laws that are contrary to their own inclinations?
We ask our lawmakers to create and enact laws that will effectively defend and strengthen marriage and the family: marriage preparation and training for marriage counselors would be examples.
Those who are supposed to enact laws should undertake such a task, courts would not intervene, he assured.
It is to the failure of those who enact laws and those who are responsible to implement them that the culprits in numerous such cases roam around freely.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 27 (ANI): Supreme Court on Monday refused to entertain former Union Law Minister Ashwani Kumar's plea seeking directions to the Centre to enact laws to define and prevent torture.
The analysts have called on the government to enact laws that would discourage keeping money at home.
Several other US states have tried to enact laws in response, but so far none have been passed.
Manama: A children's rights activist has called the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to enact laws that regulate the travel abroad of teenagers.
PESHAWAR -- Speakers in a daylong debate over amendment in 247 article of constitution, urged the central government to make immediate amendments in it so that to extend the apex courts jurisdictions to Fata and empower the parliament to enact laws for tribal regions.
A few days ago, he had rapped the government for excessive usage of ordinances to enact laws.