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Then only did the two old ladies understand that they had looked on whilst a tragedy had been enacted.
We call it," replied the cripple, "the Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs, and it really is excellent sport if well enacted.
The querist repeated again and again what he had said before, and then Sancho said, "It seems to me I can set the matter right in a moment, and in this way; the man swears that he is going to die upon the gallows; but if he dies upon it, he has sworn the truth, and by the law enacted deserves to go free and pass over the bridge; but if they don't hang him, then he has sworn falsely, and by the same law deserves to be hanged.
As Thurid came opposite the cabin's doorway a new element projected itself into the grim tragedy of the air that was being enacted upon the deck of Matai Shang's disabled flier.
And besides these, there was the absorbing little drama of human life which was being enacted all around us, and in which each of us played a satisfying part--the gay preparations for Aunt Olivia's mid-June wedding, the excitement of practising for the concert with which our school-teacher, Mr.
But the English lawyers had decided that Parliament was omnipotent--and Parliament, in its omnipotence, instead of trial by jury and the Habeas Corpus, enacted admiralty courts in England to try Americans for offences charged against them as committed in America; instead of the privileges of Magna Charta, nullified the charter itself of Massachusetts Bay; shut up the port of Boston; sent armies and navies to keep the peace and teach the colonies that John Hampden was a rebel and Algernon Sidney a traitor.
For example, California enacted tax shelter legislation in 2003 that mirrors the proposed Federal legislation in many respects.
Over the years Palmdale has enacted ordinances that, while more stringent than federal or state laws, reflect the will of the people who make up our community.
Originally enacted in 1969 to address concerns that persons with significant economic income were paying little or no Federal taxes because of investments in tax shelters, the AMT today has little effect on its original target and increasingly affects an unintended class of taxpayers -- the middle class -- not engaged in tax-shelter or deferral strategies.
Too often we have seen regulations enacted before sound scientific research is undertaken," McChesney said.
In a recent article entitled "Health Care Reform: Examining the Political Realities," published in the Los Angeles Times, the reporter concluded: "Because the Bush administration proposals are so different than the Democratic plans, there is virtually no expectation that any major reforms will be enacted this year-- and a senior White House official traveling with the President.