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Active confirmation process is here defined as the father enacting meaningful behaviors for which he is appraised.
economy demonstrate the continuing reasons for enacting the moratorium in the first place:
In order to give the process of the theft of Indian rights an air of legitimacy, the Euro-Canadians began enacting legislation all under the guise of helping the poor dumb Indian.
Because of the critical need for ease in reciprocity and mobility, staff and volunteer resources were committed to enacting substantial equivalency in 40 states by the end of the year 2000.
The scattered approaches by the states in enacting the model Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, to assure the validity of electronic records and electronic signatures, moved Congress to enact S.
Enacting decrees, regulations and edicts is an administrative and executive function.
To assist states, the AICPA-NASBA national steering committee on regulation of the profession--a joint committee including representatives from the AICPA, NASBA, state boards and state societies--is dedicated to enacting the UAA and providing information and assistance to states as they deal with implementation issues.
Some states simply adopt the federal self-referral prohibition by enacting statutes that prohibit referrals for clinical laboratory services.
By enacting the earned surplus throwback provision, Texas intended to tax sales to other states that would otherwise escape tax under P.
There's no enthusiasm for enacting an amnesty prior to the election, but it could sail through very quickly in a lame-duck session.
I am also responding to some legislators' fears that any action on this issue is foreclosed, due to federal statutes that appear to prevent states from enacting residency for undocumented persons who might be living in their states.