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Active confirmation process is here defined as the father enacting meaningful behaviors for which he is appraised.
economy demonstrate the continuing reasons for enacting the moratorium in the first place:
I commend the states that have moved toward enacting this core provision of the UAA.
By enacting laws, PISGA will be engaging in sovereign functions.
By enacting the earned surplus throwback provision, Texas intended to tax sales to other states that would otherwise escape tax under P.
There's no enthusiasm for enacting an amnesty prior to the election, but it could sail through very quickly in a lame-duck session.
I am also responding to some legislators' fears that any action on this issue is foreclosed, due to federal statutes that appear to prevent states from enacting residency for undocumented persons who might be living in their states.
In recent years, the business community has focused on enacting privacy statutes and promulgating regulations implementing these statutes.
Providing street lights that regulate the flow of traffic, zoning ordinances that separate liquor stores from schools, or enacting an ordinance that requires the maintenance of front yard landscaping, we the people have the freedom, the right and the responsibility to set the highest standards possible for our community.
In conclusion, we respectfully urge the Congress to seize on a bipartisan basis every possible opportunity for developing and enacting simplification measures along the lines of the enclosed recommendations.
Scalise cited three issues considered of vital importance to the technology sector: increasing funding for basic research, enacting visa reforms that help retain foreign talent educated at U.
We recommend enacting legislation that directly attacks the fraud, negligence, and abuses committed by some preparers with respect to EITC claims.