enacting laws

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A few days ago, the following statement was credited to Idris at a security meeting with northern leaders in Kaduna State: 'To reduce the incidence of clashes between farmers and herders, state government should endeavour to establish grazing ranches in their various states before enacting laws to prohibit open rearing and grazing.
During the course of hearing, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked, 'How can SC direct legislature for enacting laws as apex court job is only to interpret the law.
According to Cua, the House can't be judged for its output when it comes to enacted laws, especially because the Senate also has a hand in enacting laws.
The Assembly that consists of 50 members, elected by the people, fulfills its due legislative role, enacting laws to push a head the wheel of development in Kuwait, as well as working on boosting joint Arab action through removing barriers and obstacles to serve the interests of the Arab peoples.
The two representatives highlighted Bahrain's keenness on enacting laws and regulations that contribute to the support of the democratic process and human rights.
Haidar Abadi reformist steps and said in a statement by Jana Hapaschkova the head of the European Union mission in Iraq at a news conference that the European Union also supports the steps taken by the House of Representatives in enacting laws that serve the process of legislation reform.
PRESIDENT Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday did some plain talking to the government and said enacting laws without discussion is not good for democracy as it breaches the trust of people.
Khartoum, May 27 (SUNA) - Chairman of the Economic Committee at the National Assembly, Salim Al-Safi Hijair, has affirmed the importance of enacting laws to curb speculations in real estates and vehicles in order to reflect positively on the exchange rate and its stability.
Many states nationwide are taking steps to strengthen their charter school systems by enacting laws that make it easier to create schools and provide funding, according to a new report.
In an interview with 'Ceylon Daily News', the former Chief Justice said that enacting laws is vested solely in Parliament which enjoys the people's legislative power.
Iraq should be a permanent member in the WTO two years ago, as it's an observer for more than five years," he added, noting that the organization has asked Iraq to take series steps in this direction and to prepare to be an attractive atmosphere for investments through enacting laws encouraging and protecting investments.
The study calls for enacting laws that preserve the rights of children and ensure the legal parental responsibility towards them.