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The amount of trace elements varies in different enamel layers.
34,37-40 The technique involves the placement of lingual enamel layer, followed by the use of a high chromatic shade to build up the dentin and a last layer of translucent enamel to complete the restoration (Fig 4).
Measurement of the enamel layer thickness showed that it ranges from 120 to 140 [micro]m.
It occurs when the hard outer enamel layer on teeth and the softer underlying dentin wear away, stimulating the nerves inside.
According to Young and Tenuta, (28) initial erosion starts with an early-stage surface softening, but prolonged exposure to acids may dissolve the outer enamel layer and promote permanent loss of structure.
During the secretory stage, the enamel crystals grow primarily in length and the enamel layer grows in thickness.
The enamel layer feathers down to an indeterminate thickness at the CEJ, the thinnest area of enamel on a tooth.
The enamel layer is moderate around the conid but very thin towards the posterior side because of the pressure created by the anterior part of the last molar.