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The tooth samples were mechanically abraded with a dental drill fitted with a sanding bit to remove any visible dirt and/or preservative and ground to remove the enamel layer from the underlying dentine.
Lack of interproximal contact because of lack of normal depth of the enamel layer is frequently observed in the smooth and rough types of hypoplastic amelogenesis imperfecta.
Within each of the genera, variations between the types of enamel arrangements present in incisors verses those in premolars and molars are probably related to function, as are variations in enamel layer thickness between genera.
Criteria for caries assessment of histological tooth sections Score Criteria 0 No demineralisation 1 Enamel demineralisation limited to the outer half (50%) of the enamel layer 2 Enamel demineralisation extending into the inner half of the enamel layer and dentino-enamel junction 3 Dentine demineralisation in its initial layer 4 Frank dentine demineralisation Table 2.