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At first we may think the dream will turn him into a variant of Bishop's dead and blinded birds, or encage him in one of Bishop's so often deadly spheres of isolation:
This is, distinctively, modern constitutionalism, the belief that men can, through a self-inflicted terror, peacefully encage themselves in a framework of positive law.
The clathrates that feed Enceladus's plumes could encage the numerous other gases that make up about 10 percent of the plume.
They create a kind of body language that should be taken figuratively rather than literally; it is employed to reconstruct the body rather that to encage it in traditional norms.
Black Face: I think I hear a Sunbird shrieking and squeaking from a golden horn, urging us to encage the eagle of our spirits ...
Another critique stemming from the use of the term African print only to refer to the Dutch and Asiatic wax print is that it relegates all other local prints to the background, and encages Africa's fabric technological image to European wax prints.
But it's not the rhetoric that's inflaming Palestinian youth, it's the long-held status quo Netanyahu holds to that subjugates millions and encages millions more in the world's largest open-air prison.
The QMS interconnects the plastids and encages the nucleus in four interacting cones of microtubules (Fig.
(93) This paradoxical formulation, he adds, simply expresses the paradox of "our historical condition." And "we, too, Camus, [like our contemporaries] are in a cage" (encages): ...
The harsh, impenetrable structure, so devoid of beauty, encages the inmates outside the common web of human interaction.
This ever-growing list of forbidden words and taboo subjects, drawn up by Liu Binjie and his army of censors, starves the nation's soul and encages the minds of writers.