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The blue stripes play the role of bars enclosing the patterns, as though they are encaged animals.
H]ere, eat sir, take it from my swords point, or Ile thrust it to thy heart," Tamburlaine says, offering "meat" to his encaged hostage and dinner guest, Bajazeth, the just-conquered Turkish king (Tamburlaine 4.
The book begins with 18 year-old Thareous, who was fascinated by the encaged dragon in Galgon's palace courtyard.
The contraction may be experienced as tightness, constriction, or a feeling of being encaged in wire.
Techniques for controlling the spins of large numbers of encaged atoms' electrons are well-established, offering the potential for scaling up.
While the use of force would mean more battle casualties on both sides as well as collateral damage to civilians with no results, the political prong still has a chance to make progress provided the military prong is encaged and the handlers of political prong do away with their double game and mischief and pursue the process of reconciliation with honesty and sincerity of purpose.
The young new Palestinian leaders are familiar with social media, are better equipped to organise a popular mass movement, and refuse to be bound by the borders that encaged their parents and grandparents.
This amphitheater is symbolic of the relations between Henchard and Susan; he is encaged by his immoral act.
Women were encaged at home and deprived from education, work and other social activities and were only allowed to step outside their doorsteps with a head-to-toe cover called the Burka.
Le Guin--in which an entire society's utopian happiness depends directly upon the suffering of one locked-away child who must live his/her life encaged and neglected--but also of the element of choice inherent in Truman's situation, in this case to continue to live a lie or to discard his dome-life altogether and experience a birth into the Real, foreclosing the future of Omelas/Seahaven.
This resonates with Countess Isabelle of Buchan who was publicly encaged by Longshanks at Berwick Castle after Robert the Bruce was defeated at the Battle of Methven.
Extra morpheme--buried egg--did dig encaged destiny within overall runes dent.