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Literary references abound describing the stifled plight of 19th-century upper-caste women who lived encaged in sprawling havelis.
(34) The stables in which he is encaged were made famous by Hyginus's retelling of the labors of Hercules.
Natural gas hydrate (NGH) is solid crystalline compound in which gas molecules are encaged inside the lattices of ice crystals under proper thermodynamic conditions [1,2].
161) This point resonates (almost literally) throughout the interviews for this study and is also touched upon in the quotes above as well as in following reflection of a participant of Expedition Robinson (I8) on a challenge where contestants were encaged and had to outlast one another to stay in the game:
However, a few movies subtextually attacked the phenomenon, just as the South African science fiction film "District 9" (2009) encaged other world aliens to suggest the seeds of Apartheid and the Holocaust are more dormant than dead: Fritz Lang's "Fury" (1936), John Ford's "Young Mr.
Dark haired and rich complexioned like Hester, she feels herself encaged and betrayed by patriarchal society and is in search of an alternative mode of living.
Those who live in Gaza find it almost impossible to have social relations with people who live in Galilee, Jerusalem, or the West Bank due to the Israeli siege that has encaged them in the narrow strip.
For experiments mesocosm was created using a potted rice plant encaged in a clear plastic cylinder.
Audacious singer-actress Joy Villa was encaged in revealing bright orange, and it was unclear how Sia could see under her huge shaggy white wig.
Some 1,700 human beings encaged inside a strip of land are under attack by the region's most powerful military.