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Mizukami, "A periodic first principle study to design microporous crystal 12MO, 7[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] for selective and active O- radicals encaging," Chemical Physics Letters, vol.
It is worthwhile noting that these micrographs originate from sintered glass plates whereby the drying mechanism could be harsher as heat radiations directly strike on them as compared to a borosilicate glass tube encaging sintered glass particles.
Opposing ends of microtubules emanating from the four plastids interact to form a QMS encaging the nucleus (Fig.
(73) In a context shaped decisively by the presence of European settlers and colonial "Indian" policy, the Mi'kmaq used an older method of delimiting the boundaries of, and access to, specific hunting grounds, thereby eluding, if only in a partial and limited way, the encompassing and encaging geographies of the reserve system and the wider policy of assimilation of which they were a part.
PRINCETON - Capturing wildlife so it is available to be enjoyed at any time does not always mean encaging an animal, or even taking a two-dimensional photograph.
Speaking only prospectively, then, these connections seem to me worth further contemplation: the bravura opening sequences; the labyrinthine quality of both films; (39) the heavy motifs of mirrors and encaging shadows; the understated blackface/brownface of the heroes; the rather wooden demeanors of the Othello and Vargas characters; the pose of pressing close to walls to overhear conversation (Othello to Cassio and Roderigo, Susan to the female gang members); the comparable late shots of half-shadowed Othello/Vargas faces emerging from pools of darkness (see figs.
Its rebellion against the state of human finitude, conveyed in dazzling, tight-knit programmed stage moments, unleashes torrents of verbal mockery in spearing assaults on God's senseless encaging of mortals in a world of non sum!
To advert to Plato's aviary metaphor, if the point of encaging birds after their initial capture is to make it easier to lay hands on them in the future, then much also depends on the nature of the birds, and of the fowler.