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The practice, as well as saving considerable expense, has significantly reduced community cohesion issues experienced by settled people living near to temporary encampments.
peacekeepers at the Breiqa encampment were extracted Saturday morning, with the assistance of Irish peacekeepers who rushed to the scene, said officials.
The residents of Saddam's encampment, he said, have refused aid from international organizations, and have not registered as refugees.
Barriers meant to prevent unauthorised use of the hospital facilities no longer work which allowed the French travellers to make their encampment on Saturday.
A homeless encampment might provide food, showers and makeshift shelter, but it does little to move toward the ultimate goal of permanent housing.
The note reportedly states that the UN does not approve of their activities in the buffer zone and argues that the encampment is a danger to themselves and others, while their presence hinders renovation work on the old buildings in the area.
t would permit police to move in and disperse encampments quickly, in line with last week's clearance of the Occupy Wall Street camp in New York.
The protesters said they were eyeing a park three blocks away from Frank Ogawa plaza, the site of their former encampment, and planned to take it over on Saturday night in a move that could set the stage for a showdown with police.
Tonight's incident underscores the reason why the encampment must end.
Soldiers backed by armoured vehicles moved into a fortified encampment occupied by Red Shirt protesters, breaking through bamboo-and-tyre barricades in a major offensive in the heart of the capital.
Flintshire's head of legal services, Barry Davies, said: "An unlawful encampment at Castle Park moved but has now returned.