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The investigators developed an interfacial engineering technique to encapsulate lipophilic food components within multilayer nano-laminated biopolymer coatings.
The one-piece design used in several vehicle lines for Ford, Volvo, and Mazda encapsulates the steel cross-car beam with compression molded PP glass-mat thermoplastic (GMT) sheet.
Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation (Amex: BCP), today showcased yet another food ingredient that is a direct result of their innovative encapsulated technology and their ambition to help create foods that were never before thought possible.
Whey protein isolates have been used to encapsulate orange oil essence with loads up to 30%.
Pope believes silica gels can encapsulate capsulate many types of microorganisms, including genetically altered Escherichia coli and Streptomyces bacteria.
Both Twinshot versions can reduce resin costs by allowing molders to encapsulate lower-cost materials, regrind, or foam in the core of a part.
This proprietary sphingosomal drug delivery platform is designed to encapsulate these agents within the aqueous interior of small liposomes in order to enhance the therapeutic index of these existing anticancer treatments.
The ability of NOVASOMER technology to encapsulate these materials at high concentrations, in stable forms, adds a number of advantages to PFC's.
CytoTherapeutics will encapsulate Genetic Therapy's gene-altered cells within its proprietary semi-permeable polymer membranes.