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As of third quarter, the Encapsulates business segment reported a 38 percent increase in sales over the comparable period in 2001.
Putnam joined Balchem Encapsulates in 1999 as Business Development Manager.
in France won a process patent for proprietary tooling designed to completely encapsulate the hollow steel tube without crushing it during molding in high-speed compression presses of 1500 to 2000 tons.
After a successful 1999 which saw the Balchem Encapsulates make exciting advances in taste-masking, shelf-life improvement solutions and nutrition fortification in response to opportunities that existed in the food industry, Balchem is primed for growth in 2000 with their unique blend of personnel, resources, expertise and vast number of proprietary technologies currently in the development pipeline.
Balchem was able to overcome the obstacles faced by our competitors and develop a process to lock the flavor into foods without suffering the losses caused by water contact," says Marta Fraley, flavor project leader of Balchem Encapsulates.
Depending on the designer's intent, HDL Explorer automatically encapsulates the group of modules into a mega module, or just selects the single module, and then connects the new wires.
Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation (Amex: BCP), today showcased yet another food ingredient that is a direct result of their innovative encapsulated technology and their ambition to help create foods that were never before thought possible.
Injected thermoset polymer encapsulates and protects all electronic elements completely and securely