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Its EnCase Enterprise platform, deployed on an estimated 25 million endpoints, is used by more than 70 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 45 percent of the Fortune 500, and numerous government agencies to conduct digital investigations of servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
With EnCase Remote Recovery +, IT help desk professionals can quickly recover deleted files such as emails, PowerPoint presentations, contracts, and photos while users continue to use their computers.
In addition to the availability of free and paid apps, EnCase App Central provides a forum where users can share ideas, or pose and answer questions about digital investigation procedures and processes.
Guidance Software said that when the FireEye MPS detects advanced malware on the network, it can immediately share information about the attack through the software connector with EnCase Cybersecurity.
EnCase eDiscovery Suite v2 is designed for organizations seeking to dramatically improve the practice of eDiscovery with an in-house alternative both to the traditional method of outsourcing, which relies on expensive manual processes, and to the risky, difficult-to-defend approach of custodian self-collection.
EnCase is copy-protected through the use of a dongle that plugs into the USB or parallel port (you can pass your printer cable through the parallel version so it won't interfere with printing).
For 15 years, EnCase has been enabling forensic investigators to conduct thorough and rapid digital investigations by offering an open but powerful platform that can be customized to automate specific, repeatable tasks," said Alex Andrianopoulos, vice president of Marketing for Guidance Software.
ThreatGRID's malware analysis and threat intelligence platform is the first malware analysis and intelligence integration with EnCase, lowering the costs and risks of network breaches through a more automated workflow.
Our growth in this industry during the first half of 2012, paired with the fact that the majority of large healthcare companies have chosen our software, demonstrates that EnCase is the digital investigations platform of choice in the healthcare industry.
Using our flagship technology, EnCase Enterprise automatically assesses computers to determine if something is wrong -- whether it's an unknown network connection, an unauthorized or rogue process or even the latest rootkit.
Nearly every top bank uses EnCase Enterprise, and our strong customer base among the top commercial banks is helping lead to broad-based adoption among financial services companies," said Victor Limongelli, President and CEO of Guidance Software.