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It is a picture, and I can see it now,--the jagged edges of the hole in the side of the cabin, through which the grey fog swirled and eddied; the empty upholstered seats, littered with all the evidences of sudden flight, such as packages, hand satchels, umbrellas, and wraps; the stout gentleman who had been reading my essay, encased in cork and canvas, the magazine still in his hand, and asking me with monotonous insistence if I thought there was any danger; the red-faced man, stumping gallantly around on his artificial legs and buckling life-preservers on all corners; and finally, the screaming bedlam of women.
She thrust out a shapeless, swollen foot, encased in a monstrous, untended shoe, the dry, raw leather of which showed white on the edges of bulging cracks.
Bumble: having exchanged his cocked hat for a round one, and encased his person in a blue great-coat with a cape to it: took his place on the outside of the coach, accompanied by the criminals whose settlement was disputed; with whom, in due course of time, he arrived in London.
The carving of the back gradually assumed the lineaments and expression of an old, shrivelled human face; the damask cushion became an antique, flapped waistcoat; the round knobs grew into a couple of feet, encased in red cloth slippers; and the whole chair looked like a very ugly old man, of the previous century, with his arms akimbo.
And the best of it was, he married so soon that little Jacob was an uncle, before the calves of his legs, already mentioned in this history, had ever been encased in broadcloth pantaloons,--though that was not quite the best either, for of necessity the baby was an uncle too.
The first phase, the above-ground equipment at missile alert facilities, included an EHF antenna encased in a 40,000-pound reinforced steel shelter on top of a 60,000-pound concrete foundation.
LANCASTER - People can sip lattes, listen to blues music and watch plays by a Nobel Prize winner depicting a woman buried up to her neck in dirt and actors encased in giant vases.
The STA presented Silverstein with a piece of rebar from Ground Zero encased in a clear acrylic block and engraved with the words "Never Forget 9-11-01" for his diligence in the rebuilding process.
Three of James's sculptures are presented on stark plywood bases, encased within cubes of clear and two-way mirrored Plexiglas.
The method features steps for encasing the exposed surfaces of a wooden marine structure with a plurality of rigid plates sized to the surfaces to be encased.
In the third solo the arms are encased in heavy sleeves of lead.
The Judicial Cart includes the Polycom VSX 7000 codec encased in 14 gauge steel cabinet with an unbreakable Lexan(R) shield, transparent window and secure, lockable cart.