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IF OBLIGATORY renters insurance was the "management move" of 2010, mandatory'' mattress encasements could be the next step for 2011.
The limits of the plastic encasement must extend to the point of turn or within five feet of the ROW.
Main plots included the species annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass, while subplot treatments included the control, ice cover, and ice encasement.
Shortly before they were displayed, the documents had been sealed into protective encasements under the best conditions that science and technology of the time could provide.
Bed treatments consisted of encasement of pillows, box springs, and mattresses with HDM allergen-impermeable covers (Allergy Control Products, Ridgefield, CT) in conjunction with either professional or in-home laundering of all nonencased bedding materials.
You will return to your work station more relaxed and mentally revived, no longer suffering the effects of computer encasement.
This method may include rendering this material "inactive" through innovative encasement procedures, or in the case of highly enriched uranium, through dilution with non-fissile uranium isotopes.
Insider artists have usually taken part in some kind of expensive training ritual; they may be classified as Insiders by their demonstrable obsession with rank, sales, Western history, and - here's their connection to the larger group - immortality, with the encasement of spirit (too often, their spirit) through the fashioning of an object.
Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company marketing manager Sudarshan Rai explains what is special about the King Koil mattress encasement and pillow protector
Encased in a cement-like concretion of sand, salt and sea life, the total encasement, along with the cannon, holds the promise of containing other artefacts, reports Popular Archaeology.