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Pipeline markers will be installed within one foot of the highway ROW and the point of crossing of the PE plastic encasement.
Hotels are seen as the natural distribution channel for the collection of mattress and box-spring encasements developed by Valley Forge Fabrics.
IF OBLIGATORY renters insurance was the "management move" of 2010, mandatory'' mattress encasements could be the next step for 2011.
Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company marketing manager Sudarshan Rai explains what is special about the King Koil mattress encasement and pillow protector
In addition to bedbug protection, mattress encasements are also helpful tools in safeguarding against allergens and dust mites that can gather on an unprotected mattress during the fall.
The system also saves space by replacing more than 16 cables with one fiber-optic network cable and by replacing entire walls of hardware with one or two racks in a single space-saving encasement.
This time the man in the brown habit is investigating the rape, murder and encasement in ice of a nun.
When the patient/resident needs to move in or out of the bed, the rails can be easily removed by unzipping the zipper on the bottom edge of the encasement.
This is particularly important because a high degree of vascular encasement is one of the criteria for nonresectability.
Sub-freezing temperature, loss of cold hardiness due to warm periods, ice encasement and soil heaving can result in crop losses.
The fibers are maintained in position by a resin encasement that completely encloses the fibers.
Robustness is ensured in this system by the complete encasement of the tiles in epoxy, and the inclusion in the substrate of a reinforcing fabric.