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In addition to bedbug protection, mattress encasements are also helpful tools in safeguarding against allergens and dust mites that can gather on an unprotected mattress during the fall.
The King Koil mattress encasement is loaded with features to ensure a comfortable and relaxing sleep for your guests, since bugs cannot enter the mattress due to the fabric and velcro zipper locking system.
Hotel insiders will tell you the secret of staving off a major bed-bug infestation is good training of the housekeeping staff and preventative measures such as encasement products.
says her company purchases the encasements from Protect-A-Bed, a Northbrook, Ill, supplier that Cowart discovered at the 2009 NAA Education Conference & Exposition.
The Public Service Commissions which have reviewed this application have commented that PE encasement amounts to rate relief for the utility customers.
The biggest benefits of encasements are for the health of my guests and staff," she says.
Pack your clothes in a bed-bug proof pillow encasement to keep them safe in your luggage; The AllergyLuxe ARM & HAMMER Bed Bug Barrier pillow encasement works well because it features reinforced seams and micro-zipper technology
At the conference, Bell will present during Tuesday's general session: "The Monitoring and Prevention of Bed Bugs," where he will discuss the role mattress and box spring encasements play in the early detection of bed bugs in the hospitality industry.
Bed bug encasements are proven to effectively keep the insects out of box springs, mattresses and pillows.
Item Medium Large Fig NSN 8470-01- NSN 8470-01- Soft armor 441-2993 441-2996 1 Hard armor set (Includes front and back 441-2991 442-1990 2 encasements and hard armor inserts) Front encasement with hard armor 441-2986 442-2062 3 insert Front and back hard armor inserts 441-2995 441-2997 only
One way of addressing potential eyesores is to provide city-owned enclosures or encasements that could be used by the various publications and could cost several hundred thousand dollars.
New Breathe Right Luxury Allergen Barrier Bedding encasements are made of 100% polyester microfiber woven tightly to form a "virtually perfect" barrier to household allergens.