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It explores the potential of cultural activity to enrich or enchain the inner world of individuals and the shifting collective fantasies of cultural and political life.
Not that only but some GoSS officials behave made their staff to feel as if monthly salary paid to staff is from their own pockets, and this is just to enchain and make staff to live under his/her compassion because they are the proprietor of government of southern Sudan.
Sauron lies to the Numenoreans to make them hate the Valar: "It is he whose name is not now spoken; for the Valar have deceived you concerning him, putting forward the name of Eru, a phantom devised in the folly of their hearts, seeking to enchain Men in servitude to themselves.
England itself becomes an empty theater of ruins as the survivors prepare to desert it to search for "other" space: "England is in her shroud--we may not enchain ourselves to a corpse.
Metallocenes have been designed that enchain prochiral monomers like propylene in atactic, isotactic, syndiotactic and hemi-isotactic orientations.
Examples of the epic are Raghuvamsa and Kumarasambhava, whose stories are mere pretext for the poet to enchain stanzas, each metrically and grammatically complete, redounding with complex and reposeful imagery.
In his battle against the forces of Pluto and his infernal/corrupt kingdom, Orpheus stands forever opposed to those who would enchain or in any way suppress socially conscious art and artists, one of the major themes of She Talks to Beethoven.
Friendships, loves, some men well-liked wherever they go, others avoided or treated with indifference, the successful singer or actor, the orator that enchains his audience, the victory of the prize-fighter, the players of manly games, the person applauded in public, and the person whose efforts fall flat or are received with hisses of scorn or contempt--all these are just so many proofs of the powerful presence, or feeble absence, of the quality we are now treating of.
One enchains, pushes, and restrains him with the bond of necessity alone without his letting out a peep.
I]t is suddenly and by a shock that the sublime wrenches our spiritual and independent nature away from the net which feeling has spun round us, and which enchains the soul more tightly because of its subtle texture.