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0 mole% depending on the manufacturer and the specific grade, is incorporated in a trans-l,4 enchained head-to-tail arrangement to produce a random, liner copolymer.
The image of the chained body, being literally handcuffed, illuminates how Midnight's Children envisages the place of Saleem in the nation: he becomes the representative of India as an enchained creature, since his body, paradoxically, both allegorizes the nation and becomes its helplessly subdued part, as the gesture of handcuffing suggests.
The state enchained Baloch nation in its neo-colonial clutches to darken its future.
When Augustine, enchained by sin, was finally liberated
41) That Irving's mariner adumbrates Tennyson's is complicated by a brilliant ditty the poet wrote shortly before "Ulysses," namely "Anacaona," an Irving-inspired idyl about a happy tropical isle, Haiti, whose delightful and accomplished princess the Spanish invaders ultimately enchained and hung, on patently false charges.
Nothing could be known until we "make woman legally and socially the peer of man, afford her equal if not identical means of education, give free scope" to her talents, and break down the "brazen network of arbitrary institutions which has everywhere enchained them.
1cm) the figure is shown wearing a diaphanous robe and white dress alongside a fence post, her wrists cruelly enchained in iron shackles.
Widdows nuances her point by adding that Murdoch's vision is gloomy because she sees most human beings still enchained by the shadows of the Cave.
And therein, although the wiser sort would turne ouer the leafe as a thing altogether fruitlesse yet I my selfe haue reaped this commoditie, to sit and smile at the fond deuices of such as haue enchained them selues in the golden fetters of fantasie, and hauing bewrayed themselues to the whole world, do yet coniecture yt they walke vnseene in a net.
Enchained peoples, iron gates, and demolished fortresses could be seen here.
88) When they acquiesce to Sidonie's desire to hear a song, Daraide and Garaye transfix their listeners for the music's duration: "[Sidonie] wished to hear another song, which was so sweet of tone and harmony, with the grace of the voices and the ingenuity of the words, that the Queen and her damsels remained silent and immobile, as if they had their ears enchained to the instruments of our two maidens.
The key implication is that the Varna Lakes area was a centre of social and cultural innovation within the Black Sea zone, with their enchained social relations transmitting innovations in ceramics and metal objects at different rates to other parts of the East Balkans.