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This seems reminiscent of the attempts to ensure loyalty in the old Soviet Union: a vast bureaucracy dedicated to busywork, to enchaining the creativity and energy of professionals, and distracting them from their work.
ISLAMABAD -- The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Tuesday, approved MoU with Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) aiming at enchaining the quality of law education in Pakistan.
Since 2008, Omantel has invested RO500 million for network enchaining.
They also tackled the issue of promoting and enchaining bilateral relations
DQG is very keen on organizing this event annually in an attempt to contribute to the enchaining the organizational excellence standards in business community.
It brings us back to the central problem of assessing the ambiguous legacy of Leo's restoration of Thomism: one could see it as enchaining Catholic thinkers--yet even those enchained recognized the unmistakable value of Aquinas's thought and its ability to provide continuity between past and present in the convulsive, rapidly changing modern world.