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With the delightfully well-crafted and enchantingly imaginative A Discovery of Witches, nonfiction author Harkness deftly makes the leap into fiction.
The gentle interweaving of soprano (the enchantingly freestyle former Cardiff Singer of the Year, Inger Dam-Jensen) with a hushed choral-like refrain at the epicentre, is a direct retrospective nod to Bach's Passions, as is the triple use elsewhere of fugal counterpoint.
The circle comes enchantingly alive with the city's spectacular holiday tradition featuring the arrival of Santa and the highly anticipated lighting of the biggest Christmas tree in town.
The Botel Albatross has 83 cabins and three apartments, all encased enchantingly in wood.
Exquisitely converted from a 19th-century house the eight-room Bait Al-Mamlouka, with its courtyard, fountain and enchantingly tiled bedrooms, attracted a stream of eager visitors from the start.
And here we are introduced to a captivating cast of characters so enchantingly envisioned, among them Sohrab the Peacock who loves to frighten his fellow Wall companions with sudden screams.
who writes enchantingly illustrated fables about the magical interaction between children and fairies will sign copies of The Bellybutton Fairy, The Knot Fairy, and The Sock Fairy from 2:00 p.
Each morning as we awaited legal shooting time, "whoo-we-whoo" echoed enchantingly across the water.
The theme song of The World of Wooster, televised from 1965-67, this transports me back to an enchantingly batty black-and-white world of silly asses, dippy girls, fearsome aunts, silver cow creamers and the valet with a mighty, fish-fed brain.
Without a doubt, Polish amber jewelry is not only enchantingly beautiful,
Running from Thursday December 10, to Sunday, January 3, 2010, at the SECC, this is one of the most enchantingly romantic fables ever told.
A tale as old as time, Disney's award-winning musical is one of the most popular and enchantingly romantic fables ever told.