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The absence of any mention of Turkey in the US document is the latest in a series of developments that point to the deteriorating relations between the two NATO allies, as Washington continues to openly cooperate with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)'s Syria offshoot, the PYD, despite repeated objections by Ankara, and continues its attempts to encircle Turkey by increasing the numbers of its troops in the region from 40,000 just a few a months ago, as declared by the Pentagon, to 65,000 today.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moun said that "the large number of conflicts and crises weigh the UN budget and we will encircle the displaced people crisis of Mosul.
CDATA[ Barak orders call-up of reserve units to be used against the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria while PA threatens to encircle the towns.
1 : to make a circle around : surround <A deep moat encircles the castle.
Chicago-based Harris Private Bank has announced that it has introduced Harris enCircle, a service that has been designed for the aged and caregivers.
This special love of motherhood A total, invisible bond If only this strong bond could Encircle the world, holding it in life's hand.
The 36 clerestory windows encircle the entire building with over 82 square meters of glass.
The four brick buildings encircle a central core with a circular driveway and parking in between.
The team calculated the amount of energy needed to form those bubbles and compared it with the growth of the gas disks that encircle the black holes.
Its mix of pine, spruce, and other hardy trees encircle the globe like a giant green halo.
The 222-point champ, located in Vero Beach, stood 68 feet tall with a 138-inch circumference (it took three people with outstretched arms to encircle it, according to TCPalm.
95) is set in 2031, when a solar flare shifts the sun's position while two immense walls encircle the Earth like rings.