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BEIRUT/ANKARA: Turkey's military and its rebel allies have encircled the northern Syrian city of Afrin, the Turkish armed forces said Tuesday, a substantial advance in Ankara's offensive against Kurdish fighters across its southern border.
Witnesses told WAFA that Israeli forces encircled an agricultural land with barbed wires and cement cubes and prevented its owners from entering it.
Elisha was staying in a valley village encircled by hills.
Meanwhile, the other latest reports indicate Lankan troops have encircled last 8 square kilometre in war zone.
2 : to go completely around <The dogs encircled the sheep.
To be loved is most divine Being wrapped up in a warm cloak To be encircled, to be entwined Likened to a warm, inner soak.
The coveted pearl encircled pin awards and the District of the Year Award are statewide honors.
A Saugus High School 10th-grader plugged into his iPod and, encircled by friends at lunch, mulled over what the president did not say.
In Bethany (now called Az Za'ayyem) where Jesus called Lazarus forth from the tomb, they found the city encircled by the wall and people living in a giant tomb.
And this is the story / That the Earth told the Child // In the beginning / There was stillness // In the beginning / There was motion // My blazing ball of fire quieted // The stars in the night / Called me their sister // The shafts of sunlight split / Framing colored mirrors // The Rainbow encircled me with its embrace.
An exclusive top-floor duplex penthouse with an encircled terrace occupies the 31st and 32nd floor.
On the visits that ensued over the next few years, Southam captured the area's various stages of development: Tall grasses appear, as well as a little boat; finally the pond is practically a lake, met and encircled by the sweeping lawn of the house.