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Schlieffen's interest in encirclement was enhanced, rather ironically, by his reading an analysis of the battle of Cannae in 216 BCE by Hans Delbruck (1848-1929), the one-time scourge of the German General Staff.
Nonetheless, the stress on the ultimate encirclement and especially destruction of the French forces remained the essence of the plan.
In the actual event, envelopment or encirclement proved something of a chimera.
Volume 1: The German Advance to Smolensk, the Encirclement Battle, and the First and Second Soviet Counteroffensives, 10 July-24 August 1941
As this first volume ends, that offensive had smashed a hole in the Soviet right, setting up what would become another massive encirclement of four Soviet armies at Vyazma.
No Soviet counterattack at Smolensk ever succeeded in the breakthrough and encirclement by which the Germans routinely wiped out Soviet units wholesale.
Covered in these geo-strategic encirclements are the following targets, listed by order of importance relative to those looking into the future of the global energy business:
According to the Nyquist stability criterion,[1] the number of right-hand poles of the feedback system using a feedback amplifier with filter characteristics H(j[Omega]) and gain G is equal to the number of right-hand plane poles of H(s)G(s) plus the number of clockwise encirclements of 1 + j0 by H(j[Omega])G(j[Omega]).
n] contours in the diagram clearly show that it is the encirclement of 1 + j0 that matters (as known from the Nyquist theorem) and not the value of [S.
Consequently, it is easy to change parameters of the active circuit so that the encirclement occurs.