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The Huisman Leg Encircling Crane (LEC) is specifically designed to be used on a jack-up vessel.
30,000 Number of Iraqi & Kurdish fighters encircling the city
A 17-year-old female with vitreous hemorrhage and retinal detachment secondary to penetrating eye injury in the right eye underwent encircling silicone band surgery using 240S 2.
Entering an outer cordon around the M60, encircling the city, would cost pounds 2, with a further levy of pounds 1 to get into the centre.
2, provides the most detailed temperature map ever taken of the icy particles encircling the planet.
It was founded in 1976 by group of far-sighted people who saw government control steadily encircling other universities, dependent as they are on state funding.
This circular logic is a theo-logic, encircling us with the love of God and making us a part of that encircling movement.
Carrying soft pink French tulips, the attendants wore strapless gowns of drift matte satin designed with cording belts tied with streamers encircling the waistlines and floor-length gored skirts.
The give and take between Joao and Laginha created so much energy that its heat propelled her around the stage, encircling what definitely were more earthbound performers.
Columns are reincarnated on the upper deck as light columns, periscopes against distant encircling mountains.
The Terrazzo Dinnerware collection is inspired by the artistic craftsmanship of European tiles and features narrow embossed rims with geometric designs encircling the eating surface.
Earlier this year Modine supplied nine Airedale Ultima air-cooled 'super quiet' chillers to provide 5,250kW of cooling to the new stadium's very extensive hospitality accommodation, which includes executive boxes and the 'Club Level' - a separate tier of premium seating encircling the Stadium at Director's box level that is backed by first class bars, restaurants and lounges.