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The Enclosed team found thongs to be the overwhelming favorite knicker style across almost all states.
Claire Williams, deputy team principal of the Williams F1 team, refused to confirm said enclosed cockpits must be looked at.
The enclosed media print head was designed to provide the same required pressurization of the solder paste needed for good aperture fill, but uniformly across the length of the print head while printing, regardless of the amount of paste in the enclosed chamber.
This new division is led by industry expert Peter Elliott who brings extensive experience in the enclosed mall field.
2 : to hold in : confine <He enclosed the animals in a pen.
The ban covers enclosed and substantially enclosed public places and workplaces.
Premises will be considered substantially enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls which is less than half the total of the area of the walls.
The term 'enclosed' relates to any area with a ceiling or roof, which, except for doors, windows and passageways, is either wholly enclosed (whether permanently or temporarily) or is enclosed apart from an opening which is less than half the area of its walls.
The primary goal of all enclosed print heads is to minimize the use of solder paste by exposing the solder paste to the atmosphere only during the actual printing process.
The 12-inch-deep concrete floor of the company's enclosed "yard" has a plastic liner to prevent fluids from seeping into the groundwater.
Enclosed elevator lobbies for fire and smoke control have been required by local building codes in some jurisdictions for some time, but they' can serve several other purposes unrelated to building regulations.
Samples were collected from enclosed areas with little tidal action to disperse pollutants as well as from areas with greater tidal flow.