enclosed cage

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Mr Brown said there were a number of measures the airport could have taken, including installing a totally enclosed cage which was only opened when the delivery of luggage was imminent.
His daughter, Nikki, 12, was taking a turn on the Zipper, a thrill ride that rotates like a Ferris wheel, but holds riders in an enclosed cage that can flip.
Like most reptiles in the UK, they are normally housed in an enclosed cage with glass doors, known as a vivarium.
But I can't put him in an enclosed cage because he gets upset and starts plucking his feathers.
Referred to by prisoners as the "dog pen," the fifteen- by thirty-foot recreation yard is actually an enclosed cage. The space holds no exercise equipment, though prisoners may purchase a hard rubber ball to play with during the brief time they are allowed, alone, in the yard.
The driver then exits the track and enters through a door that leads to a waiting room, which is an enclosed cage. Drivers are required to remain in the caged area until their vehicles have been unloaded.
New colonists were in evidence on this sultry morning - in 2004, green-flowered helleborine (or pendulous-flowered for the old school) was first found here, and two budding stalks could be seen in a chicken wire enclosed cage close to the car park.
Turner Glassbowl," put a clutch of eggs in a clear glass bowl with the approximate curvature of a natural nest and put the bowl in a glass enclosed cage. The eggs were marked, so they could tell if any of them shifted from their original upright position.
We watched a mature gentleman in his waders, the chill water of Llyn Brenig lapping at his thighs and the wind off the moors rustling his hair, as he whipped the surface relentlessly in his pursuit of the rainbow trout reared in enclosed cages just yards away.