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Besides, enclosed within the kit area unit a spread of tutorials which will cowl a large number of subjects concerning the computer code.
Abundant facts, tips, and alternatives are enclosed within brightly colored shapes throughout.
For example, all of the moisture had to be removed from the leather before it could be enclosed within the sapphire crystal.
A detailed description of the items of the contract and the quantities ordered enclosed within Chapter III of the Terms of Reference.
Thus, the brain is almost completely enclosed within the rigid skull, offering it maximum protection.
The drama is totally about a valley enclosed within itself.
The office towers are enclosed within glazed aluminum curtain walls to office areas and insulated aluminum cladding panels.
7 million ounces came from an area enclosed within four claims (64 hectares).
It stated that due to deviations in manufacturing processes, an internal overflow pipe within the bike's fuel tank may not be completely enclosed within its plastic sheath and could result in fuel penetrating a threaded insert, which could lead to fuel leaking in small quantities.
The proposed structure has a gross floor area of 670,000 square meter and will be enclosed within the 170-hectare Fort Magsaysay.
Many of the Grade II-listed bank's original features will also be retained, with the main dining area enclosed within the horseshoe-shaped tellers' counter.
The system is enclosed within a glasshouse structure to protect the solar collectors from wind, sand and dust storms that are becoming increasingly common in Kuwait year round.