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Du and Encloud are working with industry heavyweights Cisco, EMC and Citrix to deliver the service.
du and Encloud have partnered with Cisco, EMC and Citrix to bring the best technology solution in the market," said the statement.
Encloud caters to the needs of the modern business, whether they are newly-formed SMEs, or well-established larger operations," said Samer Jafari GM of Encloud.
The enCloud software runs an open standard data-collection process that results in the creation of a disk image of the server being migrated, whether physically or virtually.
Porting and tuning the enCloud software to run natively on the Violin Memory appliance can reduce server migration times by as much as 80% compared to those conducted over typical runtime environments," said Mark Shirman, CEO of RiverMeadow Software.
WebDAD expands the enCloud suite, which includes popular tools for mobile journalism and remote voice tracking.
Cisco s sees this strategic collaboration with Encloud and du to deliver cloud based enterprise services as significant because cloud computing has come of age.
The enCloud software, delivered via licensed software or SaaS model, provides a platform for rapid customer onboarding to the cloud and dramatically reduces the cost and complexity associated with traditional cloud migrations.
Shirman added, "Cloud strategy is a chain of lifecycle events and enCloud is the key to cloud lifecycle optimization.
WebDAD is the first ENCO enCloud solution that brings total control of aradio station from any remote location, so long as there is a network connection.
RiverMeadow's flagship product, enCloud , is an automated cloud onboarding solution built specifically for carrier and cloud service provider IaaS platforms.
No one expects this from the candidates this year, which may have something to do with the air of disappointment that already enclouds the process.