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Encomiums can be found in Google together with sources (including the publisher, Mark Feshbach in Minneapolis).
Despite encomiums about the virtues of diplomacy, little real progress has been made in eliminating Pyongyang's program.
Although reviewers often lavish encomiums for Crouch's prose, I find it problematic.
Pollan showers encomiums on the small farms that humanely and ecologically raise cattle, pigs, and chickens and sell their meat, milk, and eggs locally.
Ostensibly about the history of his vehicles, the letters are in fact digressive encomiums to his own financial success, and are addressed as much to himself as to the children.
Such encomiums are fine, in a way, given her head-spinning portfolio over the past 40 years.
Under the heading ARCHITECTURE is an ad for Microsoft Visual Studio, a catch-all list of possible subjects, ads down the left-hand column and in the wide right-hand column significant practices such as Future Systems and Daniel Libeskind with medium-length encomiums, then captioned images and references to designs and designers.
Conservative encomiums for the fallen Hammer came soon after DeLay's announcement.
For all the encomiums that have been written about Greenspan in the 18 years that he has been chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Ravi Batra's new book is, to say the least, contrarian.
Among the encomiums that greeted her first retrospective in 1973 were paeans from the archconservative New York Times critic Hilton Kramer, who, three years later, proclaimed the new works she presented after a seven-year hiatus as "almost a form of prayer.
the recollections of his dancers, and the encomiums of his critic-fans, his yellowing interviews, and the various biographies--all tell us something, but perhaps less than we imagine.
After such a victory it may appear unnecessary to enter into encomiums on the particular parts taken by the several commanders; the conclusion says more on the subject that I have language to express; the spirit which animated all was the same; when all exert themselves zealously in their country's service, all deserve that their high merits should stand recorded; and never was high merit more conspicuous than in the battle I have described.