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Hundreds of Ellie Mae lenders rely on Optimal Blue to support their product and pricing strategies in the Encompass Digital Lending Platform.
Encompass Health offers integrated healthcare services through both facility based and home-based patient care through its network of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, home health agencies and hospice agencies.
A second Gulfport business, Skaggs Building Solutions LLC, is suing Encompass and Gulf Coast Student Housing.
The integration will be available to Encompass users on both current-generation Encompass and the next-generation platform.
By offering Zixi, Encompass has extended its range of transport solutions to clients with a multitude of acquisition and delivery requirements.
The move has helped Encompass eliminate costly downtime and streamline development for the company's primary business applications.
Encompass currently has facilities in the UK, US, Singapore, Argentina, Latvia and India.
Resulting negotiations led to an agreement in May of 2017 for Encompass, at the time a fully FAA-certificated air operator, to acquire Surf's airline assets and operate for Surf in California.
According to encompass Managing Director, Paul Charmatz, "The key to robust and effective Know Your Customer is having access to the right data at the right point in the KYC process, encompass uses advanced technology to automate information and news discovery across all of the sources our customers require, and by integrating Wanda's high-quality verification services on Chinese entities and individuals into our platform, we have significantly eased the regulatory burden for our customers."
"Encompass, has been a key part of our company strategy to offer Title and Appraisal Services which are beyond the industry standards and result in productivity gains in our clients," said Brad Likens, President of NLS.
Utilizing the Encompass Optimum workstation, sequence-ready libraries were produced directly from the sample (buccal swabs and bacterial colonies) in just five hours of hands-free effort, compared with 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 days and significant hands-on time using the manual method.
While maximizing its use of critical pilot and aircraft resources, SkedFlex will help Encompass run its Surf Air operation in Hawthorne, California, at peak efficiency.