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The Encompass SRS Immobilization System utilizes a posterior thermoplastic and anterior open view mask compatible with optical tracking systems.
We look forward to working with Encompass in the future and ensuring that we continue to distribute compelling content to our customers across multiple screens," said Terry Bleakley, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Intelsat.
Added Deepakjit Singh, managing director of Asia at Encompass Digital Media: "This expanded partnership with Measat will bring two of the world's most popular sporting channels to the region and is a testament to Encompass' commitment to bringing the best broadcast content and quality to viewers here.
The addition of Ascent's broadcast facilities in the US, Singapore and London, will give scale to Encompass and expand its presence globally, it went on to say.
Designed to further expand the reach of brokers and originators, Encompass WebCenter gives users a professional, interactive Web presence, and allows borrowers to submit loan applications and access their loan information straight from any Internet-connected computer, according to Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae's chief strategy officer.
MIC is the first group to select both systems, yet begin implementing ENCompass before the Voyager system.
Providing a unified multiprotocol search to many resources, ENCompass for Resource Access offers users a single search of all of the library's licensed databases plus the OPAC via Z39.
Encompass' name surfaced last year in the Microsoft antitrust trial, as the software giant's lawyers argued that the Encompass browser allowed OEMs to customize the look of IE, remove Microsoft branding and replace it with their own.
The work at the WASHOE COUNTY COMPLEX shall encompass approximately 293,662 square feet for janitorial services to be performed five (5) days per week; 1.