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Today, Encompass uplinks to several satellite operators including Intelsat, MEASAT and AsiaSat which is a testament to the consistent quality and reliability of its services.
InStream is perfectly suited for operators like Encompass who are broadcasting to an extremely diverse audience," said Garrick Simeon, managing director of General Dynamics Mediaware.
We are glad to be working with Encompass on adding two HD channels via a new Encompass' MCPC platform on our Measat-3 satellite," said Jarod Lopez, director of sales, Broadcast Services at Measat.
The Encompass WebCenter fulfills that need by connecting directly into the Encompass mortgage automation system so borrowers can get information on their loan status at any hour of the day without having to contact the originator, and originators can receive borrower-entered data transferred directly into their Encompass systems without being actively involved.
The Encompass software - which is either integrated into the start up screen of a new PC or bundled on CDs shipped by device and software manufacturers - is geared toward those looking for ease-of-use in browsing and email and offers a step-by-step tutorial.
Encompass is dedicated to the prevention of insurance fraud," said Clyde Douglas, Encompass Claims Vice President.
Joining forces with tru Independence has provided Encompass with access to best-in-class resources and ongoing support to achieve and maintain independence, as well as grow over the long term.
Singapore, June 18, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Encompass Digital Media, one of the world's top digital media services providers and a leader in global satellite and terrestrial connectivity, announced today that its Asia Pacific facility will double its current multichannel broadcast monitoring and playout capacity through the construction of a seven million US dollar MEGAPOD.
With the recent launch of Encompass Banker Edition (the banking version of Ellie Mae's Encompass loan origination solution) and Encompass Custom Edition (a highly configurable version of Encompass), Ellie Mae said it expects to grow beyond its current client base of mortgage bankers.
As appraisals are completed, the documents will then be automatically transferred back from the appraiser's XSite Order Manager into Encompass, Genesis and Contour.
Ellie Mae[R], Encompass[R], Encompass360[R], Encompass Assured GFE[TM], Encompass CenterWise[TM], Encompass Closer[TM], Encompass Compliance Service[TM], Encompass Product and Pricing Service[TM], Ellie Mae Network[TM] and the Ellie Mae logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ellie Mae, Inc.
Encompass continues to grow globally and our customer base is expanding, we needed a solution that would meet the needs of the global market place," said Rich Rozycki, senior director and project manager of global OU services at Encompass.