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While the local meaning of the Gwer Sa La Festival is embedded in a system of institutional encompassment, the superscribing power of the state seems to continue to remain as a disembedded Other, unlikely to engage and participate in the local world.
Abraham = Hebron], who enacted the law of entertaining [guests] (sanna l-qira), (64) and after my prayer at the [Dome of] the Rock (al-sakhrah) and the Furthest [Mosque] (al-aqsa) [in Jerusalem], and the visit to my Lord [Muhammad in Medina], the Lord of the progeny of Adam, (65) the registry of encompassment and enumeration (diwan al-ihatah wa-l-[ihsa.
21] The compass would serve as metaphor for a type of knowledge that augured Europe's encompassment and potential conquest of the globe.
One of the characters in "Great Day," the last and most expansive story of Dream Stuff, advances such a new vision of continuity and encompassment toward its ultimate.
The special relationship between brother and sister clearly illustrates a view of the world that denotes encompassment and mutual respect for the other.
Moss plays with the perception and partial encompassment of space about a given condition.
In this section I have indicated that the discursive encompassment of linguistically and culturally diverse local groups by Europeans particularly through the medium of Police Motu contributed to an elision between a variety of conceptions of dangerous spirit entities and a generalized class of death-dealing ritual specialists, increasingly commonly called 'vada' by Europeans, and glossed in English as 'sorcerers'.
not that one or other sex in the end encompasses [sic] but that Gimi have created in the idioms of sexual reproduction a model of power as encompassment, a totalizing condition, and either sex may evince it totally (Strathern 1988:113-114, my emphases).
The temporal act of weaving and basket making contains in each movement the completed object, its creator, and an emergent potentiality for further encompassment.
He has argued instead that encompassment and partibility might be best understood as two moments of historical action, two alternative possibilities that are reflected in language use.
Austin-Broos' analysis hints at this obfuscation in noting the way in which 'progressive European cultural encompassment proceeds by stealth' (Austin-Broos 1996:2, fn.