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The encompassment of the world in lila or kamaal by the Bombay middle-class male hero it seems has failed, and he will now have to contend with rivals who might claim to be the rightful owners of the essence of Bombay cine-heroism that can encompass the world beyond the ivory towers of middle-classdom in contemporary India.
The teachings of the Great Encompassment (dzog-ch'en) were introduced by Padma Sambhava (Guru Rinpoche) and are found in the Nying-ma Tradition.
Hoem finds more inspiration in James Fox's notion of social ascendancy than in Dumontian ideas of encompassment.
Te epic goal has always been encompassment, summation; but the series is an ongoing process of accumulation.
12) Political domination in this 'galactic' system did not mean dissolving or extinguishing the sovereignty of conquered units, but rather of incorporating them in totum into a hierarchical system through the logic of encompassment.
The published information had dealt with the shapes of parts of Clorindo Testa's Bank of London & South America, but couldn't begin to communicate the brilliance of the space, the sophistication of the detail, the cleverness of the encompassment of a tight city corner.
Encompassment locates the state in a series of ever-widening circles that begins with family and local community and ends with the system of nation-states.
The quality of unity cannot be separated from reality and from God's existence, just as omni-presence, comprehensiveness, encompassment, and immanence cannot be negated from Him.
Movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Hero were produced and marketed throughout East Asia in a transnational encompassment.
Taye (1813-99) produced a 10-volume encyclopedia describing the entire range of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet, called Shes byakun khyab, or the Encompassment of All Knowledge.
Initially appearing somewhat structureless, by the end "Boy" manages a sense of satisfying encompassment.
Thereupon, they returned to the family room and "the renewed encompassment of the tribe .