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But the manager succeeded in persuading him to recall the encore, and said the company would feel sufficiently rewarded and complimented in the mere fact that the encore was desired by his Majesty, without fatiguing him with a repetition to gratify their own vanity.
But observe the moderation of the King; he did not insist upon his encore.
It was about 1710 that the word encore was introduced at the operatic performances in the Haymarket, and very much objected to by plain- going Englishmen.
He never responded to more than one encore, which was always "Home, Sweet Home.
That'll be a double ENCORE if you take care, boys,' said Mr Crummles.
Now it happened that this song, then in the height of the fashion, had been given to the young ladies by a young friend of theirs, whose name was on the title, and Miss Swartz, having concluded the ditty with George's applause (for he remembered that it was a favourite of Amelia's), was hoping for an encore perhaps, and fiddling with the leaves of the music, when her eye fell upon the title, and she saw "Amelia Sedley" written in the comer.
Numerous Solo Encores can be daisy-chained together on a single serial port, allowing them to be configured and managed via one centralized terminal.
and Encore Software launched their partnership in June 2000, leveraging Encore Software's marketing and distribution strengths to regain Kaplan's dominance of the test prep market.
Magazine's 500 fastest-growing private companies in the country, Encore Software has recorded 23 consecutive quarters of profitability.