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How come the police knew that an encounter is going to happen and they should be camera-ready for the occasion?
Encounter codes were based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for inpatient physician evaluation and management encounters, which represent 3 levels of increasing complexity and reimbursement for initial encounters (CPT codes 99221, 99222, and 99223) and subsequent encounters (CPT codes 99231, 99232, and 99233), and 2 levels of complexity for discharge encounters (CPT codes 99238 and 99239).
Bitner and Hubbert (1994) define service encounter satisfaction as the consumer's dis/satisfaction with a discrete service encounter (e.
The higher the stakes in the encounter, the greater and more extensive the assessment.
Hohn offers a rich social history of the German-American encounter.
Palmer's meticulously (if sometimes excessively) documented study aims "to understand the nature of the encounter between Irish and English under the press of the Elizabethan conquest and to reinsert Irish interlocutors into the discussion in a way that avoids replacing a colonial imbalance with a postcolonial one" (6).
Harman Multimedia's JBL Encounter employs a powerful amplified subwoofer, self-powered satellite speakers and an innovative center channel clip-on speaker for a truly astounding audio experience.
On average, a hospitalist practice will generate approximately $75 per encounter.
My second encounter with Bishop McKenzie was in Atlanta this summer where she was on tour promoting her latest book, Journey to the Well.
The four stages, which will be explored in this article, include preparation, encounter, adjustment, and stability.
If so, the current encounter with the Great Red Spot could be dramatic, notes planetary scientist Reta F.