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He feels the encounter strategy is politically motivated since those eliminated in these come from communities that have never voted for BJP in elections.
In a sensitivity analysis, changes in LOS, proportions of encounter type by payer, payer mix, and reimbursement for encounter type by payer accounted for -0.
The satisfaction the customer derives from an interaction with an employee of the company, referred to as human encounter satisfaction, plays an important role in consumers' overall satisfaction with the services of the company.
Because the deadly mix always involves an officer, an offender, and the circumstances in which these two individuals meet, the way in which that encounter begins and develops has a dynamic effect on the offender and the choices that person makes.
The book's argument on this score is intriguing, but it seems doubtful that "Americanization" of German assumptions ultimately will be the most productive way to think about the German-American encounter on the subject of race.
Professional fees generated by patient encounters account for almost all of the revenue in a hospitalist practice.
Church to watch "the stories," she observed that they left with a different perspective through their encounters with Jesus Christ.
The encounter stage of transition is where more of the social factors come into play.
With that in mind, let's assume that an otolaryngologist has 225 patient encounters per week:
But this inquiry into pre-holocaust German Jewry goes beyond a mere apologia for their response to Hitler's Germany and offers an even more poignant illumination of the contours of their encounter with German culture -- contours more complex, pain ed, and spiritually guided than hitherto considered.
The process includes the following stages: pre-encounter, encounter, immersion, and internalization.
Measurement tools must gauge the relative weight of each encounter.