encounter the risk

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Every race struggles to hold on to their inherited identity but in so doing, in the long run, we may encounter the risk of eliminating an aspect of our lives that will make us better people.
At University Hospitals (UH), Environmental Services Department, Geauga Medical Center has a revolutionary new weapon in its arsenal to encounter the risk of hospital-taken over infections caused by pathogens like Clostridium difficile (C.
RM methodology covers a number of consecutive steps including determining a business framework in light of the organizational strategic objectives and vision, identifying risks based on former business experiences or future expectations, assessing level of potential risks and their negative effects, providing appropriate solutions, setting up either internal or in collaboration with external stakeholders a business implementation plan with consistent follow-up and finally, the progress of such plan phases and considering viability and efficiency of solutions in place to encounter the risk.
When a risk of harm is created or imposed by a defendant's breach of duty, and a plaintiff who chooses to encounter the risk is injured, comparative fault principles preclude automatically placing total responsibility on either party because the injury in such a case may have been caused by the combined effect of both the defendant's and the plaintiff's culpable conduct.
HE added that due to the importance of such requirement to control capital adequacy for the financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and the companies operating in securities the regulators of such institutions worldwide regulate the same through monitoring capital adequacy of the companies and their ability to encounter the risks for the stability of the financial system.
This analysis shows that the agro-entrepreneurs would find solutions or ways to encounter the risks if in case the risks occur again, however, only half of them are seriously finding the true solution of encountering risks.