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Of his own initiative, he approached the lady god again, attracted by the talcum powder and other minor fragrances he had already identified as the strange scents encountered on the beach.
While setting up a blockade at 5:13 p.m., troops of the 3rd Scout Ranger Company, 1st Scout Ranger Battalion also encountered 10 bandits in Sitio Tambang, Pabayo said.
A vast majority of those 'encountered' by police in such incidents were men (6,632), with 23 women and 12 minors.
The encountered occurred after following the inputs about the presence of terrorists in Kathpora area of Yaripora, a cordon and search operation was launched by the joint team of police and security forces.
Troops from the 3rd Infantry Battalion were on patrol when they encountered 30 CNTs believed to be members of the Pulang Bagani Command 2 and 3, Southern Mindanao Regional Command (SMRC) under "Bobby".
29 -- On the day newspapers splashed tragic news of a man who encountered a white tiger in New Delhi's zoo, news of a different kind of encounter too was printed: The Supreme Court of India laid down basic rules and safeguards for the police and governments to follow to eliminate extra-judicial killings.
Trusting that God is present and active in the community in worship, word, sacrament, service, fellowship, and more, we know and share how we have encountered the one "who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist." (Rom 4:17)
Soon after the arrests, relatives of several people "encountered" by Vanzara came forward with pleas that the deaths be reinvestigated.
Although rogue waves--also called freak waves or monster waves--are most often encountered during storms or bad weather, they can appear even in calm seas, and they almost always show up with little warning.
For a nominal fee, $25 to $60 encountered during this case, the city will provide detailed information or the entire stale-dated check list to any requester.
In this, though, there is less overlap than you'd expect; typically, one student's recollection of what she encountered will trigger other students' connected but often fairly dissimilar recollections.
In Black Girl in Paris, Eden follows the steps of her lyrical predecessors who only encountered success once they moved to France.