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Of his own initiative, he approached the lady god again, attracted by the talcum powder and other minor fragrances he had already identified as the strange scents encountered on the beach.
Americans training Iraqi police, like those engaged in similar peacekeeping missions in other parts of the globe, have encountered and adapted to variations of similar threats.
Traditional fixed-rate mortgages have encountered decreases in debt-service coverage ratios (DSCR) and increases in loan to value (LTV), and the borrower's economic incentive for loan repayment has changed for the worst.
His tactics were severe: mercy was offered once and only once; no parleys were tolerated before submission; and any rebel man, woman, or child encountered by his forces was no sooner taken but killed.
They also encountered women who had gotten on the other side of their painful circumstances and were inspired to get through it themselves.
One difficulty that may be encountered has to do with the term of appointments of those at the macrolevel.
The coping strategies model outlines methods that deal with potential and encountered discriminations.
Later exiled from the land of Israel, Jews encountered outside cultural, religious, and intellectual influences, all the while developing mechanisms for preserving their uniqueness and commitment to God's exclusive commandments.
Unfortunately, a paucity of research exists describing variables impacting upon independent living programs (Nosek, Roth, & Zhu, 1990) as well as ethical dilemmas encountered by ILSPs.
Problems encountered in outcome assessment in the outpatient setting can be summarized as [6]:
Oil shows were encountered during drilling and wireline logs indicated approximately 23 feet of net pay in the mid Birkhead reservoir unit.