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By developing a set of guidelines that encourage reuse and recycling, and enforcing those standards through on-site inspections, we are practicing environmental stewardship program-wide.
One, the "Healthy Forests Partnership Act," would: authorize the Forest Service and BLM to enter into new partnerships; designate new Healthy Forests Partnership Zones in priority areas to foster investment by nonfederal parties; and encourage the application of peer-reviewed science with heightened legal significance.
Encourage hard work, good nutrition and hydration, rest and good coaching as the tools of performance-enhancement--rather than injections, pills, powders and other dietary supplements.
Any activist who encourages men, women and children to cross this territory, either being shepherded by "coyotes" or joining the drug runners as they ferry methamphetamine and cocaine north, is insane.
Community Service Volunteers said it would encourage residents to get out their bikes and use them to cycle on the city's streets.
A lot of times it's a value decision, but we encourage parents to include a lesson at home that teaches their children about the value of money.
State lotteries are unique among government agencies in that they actively encourage participation in an activity that they prohibited only 40 years ago--an activity from which they now profit.
Changing feedback systems can also encourage shifts in behavior.
Newly released guidelines for 2005 (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005) encourage more fruits and vegetables while still keeping moderate amounts of sugar and fats.
Mentorship is one of the most important components of programs designed to exemplify wellness and encourage teens to become productive and responsible members of society.
I try to encourage students to steal from the great masters as much as possible.
Similarly, also responding to a request from the primates, the Canadian house of bishops agreed last month "neither to encourage nor to initiate the use of" same-sex blessing rites, at least until General Synod 2007.