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Similarly, when people practicing unacceptable behaviors such as sexual harassment or misuse of resources are removed from an organization, other offenders know similar fates could also befall them and are encouraged to change their ways.
Applicants are encouraged to use the center's faculty lists as a starting point.
In order to implement a successful mentoring program for pregnant and parenting teens, parents should be encouraged to support their teens financially while also encouraging them to develop the educational and career plans necessary to achieve their future goals.
Growing up in Memphis around the blues, having a string teacher who encouraged us to improvise, playing rock music in high school, listening to composers who were able to integrate folk and popular influences into their art music, these are the primary influences in what I see as my style.
To this end, research collaboration among government, academic medical institutions and industry should be encouraged and rewarded.
Gary Lineker taking crisps from children's packets of crisps -- children shouldn't be encouraged to copy such behaviour.
Barbara contacted the director of their Child Nutrition Department and was encouraged to submit suggestions for the menu.
Thomas Christians encouraged creativity, supposing that what matters most is not getting it right, where "it" is a set of beliefs, but drawing closer to the "light within.
After discussing this term, we encouraged students to discuss what violent acts might look like, with an impressive range of responses.
In the 1960s the marketers were less damaging when they encouraged nonethical conduct and when they encouraged consumers to waste resources.
Practitioners who are denied participation in the IRS e-file program will be advised to file paper returns and encouraged to resolve their issues with the IRS.
It has also become increasingly clear that, given the right circumstances, creativity can be encouraged and stimulated in people.