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He also encouraged the officers to keep on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercising daily, saying 'it should not be for today only'.
As we mark the importance of our Armed Forces on this day, suppliers to government will be reminded of the moral obligation that society owes to the armed forces community and will be encouraged to become signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant.
Learning sports should be encouraged as much as learning to read books.
Lennon, of Warwick Avenue, Crosby, encouraged Hawley to attack the girl on November 16, 2008.
Patients are also being encouraged to ask how long they should take it for and what they should be aware of when they start taking it, such as combining it with food and drink.
"ODOT has always encouraged recycling, but with the bridge program we have improved it by requiring that contractors recycle wherever they can," says Steve Narkeiwicz, ODOT's consultant program manager.
Comments are encouraged through a link on a new federal website: cooperativeconservation.gov.
Policyholders are encouraged to seek alternate coverage.
Individuals who have renounced FGM/C are encouraged to speak out and persuade others in the community to do the same.
Another scheme, Concrete to Coriander, has encouraged women to grow vegetables, herbs and spices at home or on allotments in the Small Heath and Bordesley area.
For example, by altering the reward system in an organization, leaders can communicate what new behaviors are being encouraged. While people can continue their old patterns, doing so leads to lower rewards.
Investigators and trainees are encouraged to interact with NIEHS program officials with the goal of promoting grantsmanship and eventual funding by NIEHS.