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Encouragement is deciding to make your problem my problem.
A study of couples found that fathers are more involved in the day-to-day care of their infants when they receive active encouragement from their wife or partner.
A school librarian should seek to make it a special one to plant the seeds of encouragement and a love of books.
Head coach John Beale, who is also Moseley's director of rugby, can take encouragement from the fact that North Midlands defeated Yorkshire at Under-19 level before Christmas but he is under no illusions about the size of the task facing his side.
If some consider the advent of the USS Cole as an encouragement for them to 'steal' the presidency and elect a president with a simple majority, than they are wrong.
Edison knew the boy needed his trust and encouragement.
In both the student interviews and in interviews with college and university faculty who teach for political development, it was observed that students are offered many opportunities to do community service but they perceive very few opportunities and little encouragement to become politically involved.
Success and encouragement though the learning process further develops self-efficacy and continued motivation.
Pope Benedict XVI sent a message of encouragement to the organizers of the 20th interfaith gathering at Assisi begun by Pope John Paul II.
MEPs nevertheless provide cautious encouragement for biofuels: they should not threaten food production, must be the object of a certification system, and must be assessed on the basis of results "from well to wheel," (ie throughout their life cycle, from production to consumption).
Ban collected 13 encouragement votes, one discouragement and one no opinion.
Watch for occasions to offer encouragement after a difficult situation or extend a thank-you for a job-well done.