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His figures of one for 16 from six overs will offer further encouragement to the England selectors, while Jack Brooks sent down six maidens in his his stints.
You are invited to join us as we continue to provide support and encouragement as well as continuing education programs for our members as we impact the health of SC citizens through our faith communities.
offer encouragement, a Kevin's been there to offer encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and the benefit of his own vast experience, while the builders battle the likes of tight budgets, tricky neighbours and even trickier clients.
John Conteh gives kids some hope and encouragement to have a go at something, to make something of their lives.
The second prize is called the state prize of encouragement.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Vice-President, Tareq al-Hashimy, has discussed with the Chinese Ambassador to Baghdad, Ni Chine, on Thursday the bilateral relations between both countries and means for their further development in different fields, as well as the encouragement of Chinese investors to work in Iraq.
The study also reports that when teachers share the same race as their principal, they experience higher job satisfaction in terms of compensation and intangible benefits such as administrative support and encouragement. The study, published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management in September, used data from the National Center for Education Statistics.
"However, its use in the backhand position offers an option more consistent with the term 'encouragement'.
Summary: A former nurse has been found guilty of helping two people kill themselves after giving them advice and encouragement online.
"Even if the outcome is not as expected, let there be encouragement for the person to do better next time.
CHANNEL 4's film chief Tessa Ross, one of the key players in getting Oscar-winning movie hit Slumdog Millionaire on screen, said today's CBE "a huge encouragement to do more".
Summary: ALGIERS -- The Council of Ministers, meeting Monday under the chairmanship of President of Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika adopted a series of incentives to the access to housing, construction and real estate promotion by citizens, and the encouragement of contractors activating on State-supported real estate programmes.